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Droncit for Dogs & Cats

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Droncit contains the active drug Praziquantel and is one of the most safe and effective treatments for canine and feline tapeworms. Any dog that scavenges when out walking can easily become infected with tapeworms. Cats are also at risk, becoming infected from hunting and eating similarly infected prey - mice and birds are highly susceptible to worms, so consuming them can be hazardous. Both cats and dogs can also pick up a specific type of tapeworm from swallowing fleas when they groom themselves. A single dose of Droncit is all that is required to eradicate any tapeworms present in the gut. Licensed for use in dogs and cats.

Droncit Spot-On is a convenient, easy to administer treatment for tapeworms, probably the most common worms affecting cats. Droncit Spot-On can be used alongside flea preparations, although it is not advised that both be applied on the same day. Droncit contains the active ingredient Praziquantel, which is the same ingredient found in many expensive prescription worm treatments. For most cats, one application every 3 months would be advised.

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