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Dogs can get different types of worms:

  • Roundworm - This is the most common worm in dogs, often found in puppies, because they get infected from the mothers milk or uterus. Dogs can also get infected by contaminated rodents or soil.
  • Tapeworm  - These worms can be found, broken in pieces, in your dogs stool. They have a rice-like appearance, and can often be found still moving. They can also be seen around your dogs anus and in their bed.
  • Hookworm - Dogs get these worms from swallowing infected fleas.
  • Whipworm - Transmitted from mother to puppy in the uterus or from the milk, or from exposure to other infected animal or an infected animals stool.
  • Heartworm - These worms are spread by mosquitoes, mostly in the warmer seasons of the year.
We at Vet Meds Direct recommend that your dog should be wormed on a regular basis, Adult dog's should generally be treated every 3 months. Puppies should be treated more regularly.

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